Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Eleven Months

Eleven Month Stats
Weight: 19 lb 10 oz (35.8%)
Height: 29 in (62.4%)
Head: 18 in (77%)

More changes from just a month ago.  She is pushing boxes, chairs, toys, etc in order to get around, walking holding onto our hands, standing alone for a minute, attempting to take a few steps before she drops herself down, and saying Dada for everyone in the house!  And while she still doesn't have a tooth, we can feel a few bumps and know it won't be long now.  I can't believe that in just a few short weeks, my baby will be one and a toddler!

Lucy's Loves

  • Her puppy and Ruff Ruff.  She loves them so much and constantly hugs and cuddles them.  She holds onto them while she sleeps and has to take them with her after she wakes up.
  • She loves animals, especially dogs.  She doesn't bark, but any time you say puppy or ruff ruff or dog she starts to pant.
  • She loves to shine her little gummy grin and cheese it up for everyone.  She can turn into a real ham with a big enough crowd.
  • She loves to sing and talk.  If I am singing or if there is music on, she starts to "sing" along, even while nursing.  It is pretty fun at church.
  • She loves to stand up and show how cool she is standing by herself, then plop herself down. 
  • She likes to wave at people randomly. 
  • She loves to be chased.  It is hilarious to see her kick her crawling into speed mode!
  • She loves bath time and  playing in her little swimming pool.
  • She loves to be outside!  She will find my shoes, bring them to me, and then crawl over to the door.  
  • She thinks that everything she sees and wants should be given to her right away. She can be a bit greedy.  
  • She loves to hold out her hand and say "uh" when she see's something she wants or thinks she should have.  And then fake cry when she doesn't get it.
  • She loves cell phones and pretends to talk on them now.  But she gets really nervous when she is playing with it and it rings.  She doesn't know what to do and looks scared like she broke it.  She especially likes hearing her Dad on the phone and thinks it is hilarious.  
  • Her favorite word is Dada.  She says it for both of us so it can get a little confusing.  Every once and a while she will say Mama, but not consistently.  
And now the photo dump!

She is the love of our live and brings us so much joy!

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