Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Eleven Months

Eleven Month Stats
Weight: 19 lb 10 oz (35.8%)
Height: 29 in (62.4%)
Head: 18 in (77%)

More changes from just a month ago.  She is pushing boxes, chairs, toys, etc in order to get around, walking holding onto our hands, standing alone for a minute, attempting to take a few steps before she drops herself down, and saying Dada for everyone in the house!  And while she still doesn't have a tooth, we can feel a few bumps and know it won't be long now.  I can't believe that in just a few short weeks, my baby will be one and a toddler!

Lucy's Loves

  • Her puppy and Ruff Ruff.  She loves them so much and constantly hugs and cuddles them.  She holds onto them while she sleeps and has to take them with her after she wakes up.
  • She loves animals, especially dogs.  She doesn't bark, but any time you say puppy or ruff ruff or dog she starts to pant.
  • She loves to shine her little gummy grin and cheese it up for everyone.  She can turn into a real ham with a big enough crowd.
  • She loves to sing and talk.  If I am singing or if there is music on, she starts to "sing" along, even while nursing.  It is pretty fun at church.
  • She loves to stand up and show how cool she is standing by herself, then plop herself down. 
  • She likes to wave at people randomly. 
  • She loves to be chased.  It is hilarious to see her kick her crawling into speed mode!
  • She loves bath time and  playing in her little swimming pool.
  • She loves to be outside!  She will find my shoes, bring them to me, and then crawl over to the door.  
  • She thinks that everything she sees and wants should be given to her right away. She can be a bit greedy.  
  • She loves to hold out her hand and say "uh" when she see's something she wants or thinks she should have.  And then fake cry when she doesn't get it.
  • She loves cell phones and pretends to talk on them now.  But she gets really nervous when she is playing with it and it rings.  She doesn't know what to do and looks scared like she broke it.  She especially likes hearing her Dad on the phone and thinks it is hilarious.  
  • Her favorite word is Dada.  She says it for both of us so it can get a little confusing.  Every once and a while she will say Mama, but not consistently.  
And now the photo dump!

She is the love of our live and brings us so much joy!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Eight, Nine, Ten...

Eight Month Stats
Weight: 18.6 lbs (53%)

Nine Month Stats
Weight: 18.13 lbs (46%)
Height: 28 in (61%)
Head: 17.5 in (61%)

10 Month Stats
(well really, 9 3/4 stats)
Weight: 18.6 (36%)
Height: 27.75 in (46.8%)
Head: 17.4 (50%)
 (apparently we have a Benjamin Button case here)

Big changes from the last few months!  We have mobility, standing up holding onto things, cruising, attempting to climb, getting into everything, standing alone for a few seconds, hair (oh so much hair), tantrums, giggles and snorts, and general sadness from me because my baby is getting so big.  Lucy continues to show us her personality which is pretty easy going for the most part, as long as you don't mess up her plan (yet another reason we know she is my child).  It is so much fun to see the wheels turn in her head as she figures out something new.

Lucy's Loves
  • Waving hi and bye, although sometimes she does give people the stone face when we tell her to wave
  • Music- when a song is on she likes to wave her hands and head simultaneously or clap.  We think she may have some of that Southern Baptist in her.  She also likes to shake her bum or bounce on her leg if she is standing up.
  • Books- she especially loves The Five Silly Monkeys I think because it is more of a song.  She will sit through the book and turn the pages all by herself.
  • Crawling- she will  crawl all over the house and sometimes gets going faster than the rest of her body and face plants.  That happens a lot.  She loves to crawl through her secret passage way (i.e. the gap between the wall and the couch).
  • Toys- she is already a toy hoarder.  She will have one or two toys in each hand and try to drag a toy under her while she crawls.  If she sees something she wants along the way, she tries to pick it up to.  She loves stuffed animals/toys!  She will put a toy in her mouth (like a puppy) so she can take it with her while she crawls
  • Getting into everything- She loves to get into the pantry, the stove drawer, the fridge if it is open, the dishwasher if it is open, our closets, etc.  She especially likes to open and close doors or pull things out of places, like the pantry.  

  • Pulling up on everything- Just last week she finally conquered pulling up to stand all by herself.  She has been working on it for a while, and finally one day she just got it and never looked back.  She has also gotten so much better at getting herself down without hurting herself.  She can bend down and pick up a toy while holding onto something to keep standing.  She can also let go for a few seconds and balance herself before she either falls on her bum or has to grab back on to keep standing. Unfortunately she also likes to stand up in the tub, which often leads to falling.
  • Holding onto a blanket while she sleeps and having a stuffed animal/toy to sleep with.  Most of the time she sleeps with a small stuffed snowman, which we call snow baby and either her pink micro-fleece blanket or one of her muslin swaddling blankets.  She often likes to wrap the blanket around her head, which means she has a crazy sweaty head when she wakes up.
  • Foods: avocados, watermelon, peaches, cheerios, puff snacks (although we think she may have a reaction to the rice flour), oatmeal, squash, mixed veggies (carrots and peas), carrots, sweet potatoes, shredded chicken and star noodles, Ritz crackers, bananas, prunes, anything that comes in a baby food pouch (seriously, she sucks those things down in less than a minute, while it takes her 30 minutes to eat a meal normally), sometimes grapes or kiwi, spaghetti, bubble pizza (without the cheese), bread (but she has gotten picky on the kind of bread she likes!), black beans, and more.

  • Watching other kids- she is fascinated by other kids and likes to crawl around to follow them when they come over to play.  
  • Cell phones and computers
  • Mom and Dad- everyday, when Richard gets home from work, she gives him the biggest smile and crawls or reaches for him or waves and laughs.  If I have been gone, she does the same thing.  It melts my heart every time!

  • Playing games- patty cake, this little piggy, hide and seek or peekaboo, wake up mommy,etc. She loves to be startled and tickled.  
  • Being outside, swimming, swinging and going for walks
  • Animals- she freaks out, shakes her hands, smiles and hyperventilates anytime an animal is near. 

Not Her Favorite

  • Getting ready for bed (still)
  • Getting her diaper changed (still)
  • Staying still to do her hair (are you sensing a theme here?)
  • Being moved away from getting into things she wasn't supposed to.
  • Eating something different than what we are eating
I can't believe that my baby is getting so big!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Six and Seven Months

6 Month Stats
 (taken a week before 6 months)
Weight: 15.15 lbs (57%)
(Taken two weeks later)
Weight: 17.2 lbs (can we say growth spurt) (68.2 %)
Height: 27in (86.1 %)
Head Circumference: 16.5 (29.6 %)
Seven Month Stats
(Taken one week later, and a week and 1/2 before the 7 mo mark)
Weight: 17.7 lbs. (68.6%)
Height: 26 1/2in (66.2%) (must have been a less fluffy hair-day)
Head Circumference: 16.75in (43.7%)

Lucy continues to be the most amazing baby ever created.  She is usually very happy and content.  Her little personality is coming out and it is so much fun to see who she is becoming.  It is so funny to see that she already acts one way at home and then clams up when there is someone new around.  She is pretty quiet and reserved when we get in a setting with people she doesn't know until she has been there for a while and then she will start in on her talking and singing.  She continues to charm everyone that sees her and we still get the comments over and over again of how much hair she has, that she has the most beautiful eyes, and that she has the cutest chunk rolls and chunky cheeks!  We love her so much and are so grateful for this beautiful baby girl.

Lucy's Loves

  • Rolling everywhere

  • Talking, singing, squawking, blowing raspberries, laughing, squeaking, making any kind of noise she can really.  That is unless there are several new people around, then she will hardly make a peep.
  • Sleeping on her side with her favorite blanket
  • kicking her legs in her crib when she wakes up
  • peaches, pears, prunes, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, carrots, squash, potatoes, 
  • pretending to chew when she sees us eating
  • jumping up and down when you hold her up to stand
  • peeing on our carpet when she rolls away from getting her diaper changed
  • drinking water from/playing with her sippy cup
  • splashing in the bathtub, except when she splashes herself
  • playing with toys, especially knocking down her stacking cups, her monkey ball, mirrors, and her beach ball
  • chewing on anything she can get her hands on, including her hands, our hands, her feet, our feet, bibs, toys, strings, diapers, clothes, anything paper, tables, shopping cart handles, etc. 

  • her blanket
  • watching people, especially other kids.  She did this for over two hours the other day and was happy the entire time.
  • grabbing her mom's hair and pulling, or slapping, scratching, or pinching us
  • giving baby smooches
  • reaching for toys and willing herself forward.  She will roll from side to side and put one leg way out, and reach as far as she can.  She slowly inches her way forward with this method.  But just today she started lifting her bum and got one leg up, and moved backward.  I fear it won't be long now.     

  • playing peekaboo, getting tickles, getting raspberries, looking in the mirror, 
  • shaking her head back and forth
  • playing catch with her beach ball
  • taking walks in the stroller on the occasional warm day

Not Her Favorite

  • getting ready for bed
  • staying still to get her diaper changed
  • sitting up.  She will do it fine for a few minutes but then she gives up and either face plants or if we are behind her, she will lean back so she can lay down again.
  • peas and green beans
  • being tired but not being able to lay in her crib to go to sleep.  Sundays are not her favorite.
  • being left with strangers.  We have left her a few times in the last few weeks.  The first time didn't go super great.  The second time she did amazing, but then for the rest of the day I couldn't leave the room without huge crocodile tears and screaming.